Unmasking the Past


I’m not out of the woods by a long shot. I’m in the forest, a thick forest, with lots of foliage and fog. I see a ray of sun blasting through the trees and branches. I have no idea which way to walk and how to get  back to humanity. I define myself by how many tree trunks I’ve kicked along the way.

Along the way to where? Perhaps I am walking in circles? Perhaps I am getting myself deeper in? Which way to sanity? Find me reality and bake me a cake in the sun. I want out.

I don’t want out of life, I just want out of this maze.

Finding out that my husband is a Borderline Personality (BP) has shed so much light, that I’m inclined to believe that I am really close to the edge of the forest. I am closer to civilization than it seems. Just knowing!! Delicious knowing!!

Knowledge is the key to my sanity.  I see you. I know you for who you really are. MASK IS OFF.

I know that I will reach my goal. Some day. I need to work towards it. It’s very hard to have patience.

They say patience is important and that IMPATIENCE causes more problems and blocks the process.

Process? What’s that?!


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