Smoothies for (my) Breakfast

I made a delicious smoothie for Yoni, my youngest son, this morning. It’s the easiest, best-tasting  breakfast to prepare when dashing out the door.

I got Yoni’s leftovers.

We BOTH left the house the same time.

I am the Carpool Driver. And the Smoothie Maker.

Would it DAWN on me – EVER – (well, it did. After the fact.) to make myself a smoothie at the same time that I was making Yoni’s? I could have easily doubled the recipe and presto! A smoothie for two! No extra work required!

But it was only walking down the steps to the car, wondering what I would grab for breakfast, trying to get Yoni to school on time … it was only then that I realized how I have cut myself off from my own reality.

I got into my car to drive Yoni and I promised myself that I would not forget myself again like that.

I live inside this body. I exist. I am real.

I will not nullify myself anymore.

I must make amends to the Sarah inside who wants to be counted in.

She has folded herself up so many times, and has pressed herself flat so as not to take up  space in the world around her. It is not necessary. In fact, it is wrong. It hinders her from reaching her goals and from using her G-d-given powers and talents. The world needs you, Sarah.

And the world needs every single one of us.

Here’s to smoothies for a better tomorrow!

~ Paid for By Sarah for Sarah 🙂



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