Asking ~ Poem

a few days ago
I was searching for the keys to happiness.
I came across them in the grocery store.
there was the green backed key
which opened the ice cream display
the orange backed key
which opened the take-out display
the blue backed key
which opened the bakery display
and the silver key
which opened the giant storehouse in the back.

as I was deciding which key to use
a girl passed by
and she seemed sad.
excuse me, she said
do you know where the restroom is?
I went to show her the way
but it was locked
and its key I did not have.

we had to ask the manager
for the special key
to the restrooms.
they don’t want people coming there
and using it at any time
without asking
because if they would leave it unlocked
or give out the key
(as they give out all the other keys to happiness)
people might realize
that true happiness
is not found in
cake displays, ice cream freezers or take-out.

it is found in the simple pleasures of life.

what the grocery store people
do not realize
is that
learning to ask for what you need
brings happiness


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