My Borderline’s Money Rules or I’ll Take The Peels

Is my husband really terrible at managing money? How did he manage to pay the bills all these years? We have debt but it’s not racking up interest. There seems to be a method to the madness.

Well, here it is:

My Borderline’s Money Rules:

if you have it, you’re lucky.

some people are blessed. they don’t have to worry about paying bills. they have what they need. i am not envious of them. they have other problems. if they have wealth, they don’t have health… so why would I want that? and then other people make them crazy, thinking they can get money out of them. i know a lot of wealthy people. i know how hard their life is. believe me, I’m not jealous – not even a tiny drop. 

if you want to make someone happy, you give it to them.

I have a lot of clients that are well-off. they are lucky that they don’t have to carry the same burden that I have. I feel that they should pay me well because it’s not hard for them. they HAVE the money. I won’t ask for a raise because I just can’t. but I still think it’s not right that they don’t pay me more. I’m just saying. 

it’s only right to help others. you have to do things right. I can’t leave a broken switch for the new home Buyers even if our house DID pass inspection and no one asked for the switch to be changed. it’s not right. i want them to get the house the same way i got it. so i will now fix everything that i didn’t fix for the past 10 years. i think it’s RIGHT. and i don’t want them to complain to me later. the mailbox needs to be fixed. this doorknob is loose. and the air conditioner in our bedroom will be replaced for the Buyers. They need it.

Well, it didn’t help. They will always have what to complain about. No one appreciates anything I do for them. Oh well. 

the best way to save money is by not needing anything.

look, i never needed anything. that is just my nature. if you cultivate a sense of not needing anything, you will always have enough money for what you need the basic necessities of life. I believe you can manage with really very little. Bread, water, salt.. maybe avocado… that’s enough. I never bought myself a snack or a treat and I only eat chocolate if I need the caffeine to keep myself up. Do you know how hard I work to support my family? They all need and need and need. If they’d only STOP SPENDING and STOP NEEDING stuff…. my life would be MUCH easier. 

(the truth is, you don’t deserve to have it anyhow)

nowadays everyone feels entitled. who said you should be living in such a house? or be wearing such a suit? or be shopping in such stores? who am I to walk around thinking that I deserve to have all this stuff? I’m a nobody. Just a servant of the One Above. A lowly worm. I don’t deserve anything. Everything I have is a gift. 

if you run out of it (or low), it’s a sign that you spend too much.

when I see the bank account dwindling, I KNOW that someone is spending too much. (and it’s not ME!) if my wife would stop shopping all the time and doing things behind my back, we would be better off and we would have enough money to pay the bills. i give her money every week so obviously, if she uses the checking account…. or uses up the cash… it’s because she has a spending problem. there is no use in talking about budgeting and income vs. expense. she will never stop needing things. end of story. 

and it’s a sign that God is not happy with you.

I really don’t know what I did to deserve all this punishment around money. I try to be honest and not to cheat anyone. I try to pay all the bills on time. I try to give charity and all that. But sometimes I feel like God just is not happy with me. He hid His face from me. He finds me undeserving of His bounty. It’s obvious because look how hard I struggle and I still can barely make ends meet. There is no end to this runaround and it’s all because I am unloved by God.

if you push yourself to the max and run around like mad, you will have enough money to pay the bills.

even though God is not happy with me, and even though my wife just spends and spends without asking me, and even though people always want my money, and even though I never have enough of it – I have found that if I keep on trying and working and taking more and more side jobs, and working for the right (=rich) people THEN I will be able to scrape by. I still have debt and have NO idea how I will get out of it, but if I hustle then in the end, through a lot of hard work and sweat and no sleep – the bills will be paid. 

If I think of any other rules of money, I will add it in the comment section.

What are your dysfunctional rules of money?


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