Soul Mates ~ Poem

standing up in my song
standing proud
standing tall
standing up in my place
standing strong

standing alone
seeing til forever
one path
one soul

sing for me your song
tell me your story
trapped inside your body
you feel so small

lower the bar
don’t be scared
I am not far
tell me who you are

please bear with me now
the strength of my heart
is talking to me
telling me, please
it asks me to be something I am not

when I see you
when I’m with you
when I stand in song
when I stand with you strong
I can lower my bar too

if I can climb out of my storybook
to stand right up and look
if I can take a peek at other books
and know the truth of yours

if I can turn the page today
or flip it back a few
if I can lie back down
in other pages
with you

my story would be complete
my life would feel so neat

now I am here
on this page
in this book
of my life

waiting for you 


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