Air – Can’t Live Without It

Here is a poem I wrote recently that begins with breath, cycles to love and ends with God. In this quest for normalcy and balance, I find myself reaching to a power Greater than myself. I am surprised by what I allow myself to crave.


breathing happens stoically
against resistance
utilizing whatever breathable air is left
and turning itself into a steady machine
of oxygen recycling
and I

yearn to be at one with the love around me and find a rhythm to this breath
where I can experience the push and pull of life
praying that it be imperceptible, much like
the motion of breathing
as a natural being in a natural state of being

my life force will forever be attracted to the
efficient flow of love from one to the next
and if an unnatural twist of events formulates and a pool of love remains hidden from sight
I will sniff it out and locate it in order to stretch the love out into focus and use it

the unthinking mind craves love too
the thinking mind often confuses love for lust
and the revulsed mind pretends it needs not any love
the upset mind creates fantasies that can carry the love forever
and the mind that lifts itself above the static electricity of a quiet dysfunctional hidden force
and proclaims its love of love and its need
for love
will still seek and yet find the true shining love
in an endearing reunion
with clarity and understanding

but not without the strangulation of a near death experience that
marked the beginning of a new method of breathing
no longer gasping and shoving the air deep into the lungs

it became a soulful experience where the air crept silently with
a gust of life entering cavities and blowing minds with
the unthinkable

Almighty God


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