What is Love?

If I wanted to visualize a better future with my BP husband, what would I choose to start with? A scenario? Dialogue? An image? What would I see that is more aligned with what I want?

Maybe a lingering feeling of love. As if love is not a dirty word.

If love were not a dirty word, how would it manifest itself in my life?

In therapy, I discovered that my mother’s aversion to the word “love” was very deep. She felt it was too American and not a nice word. My father could not bring himself to say “I love you”. Instead, he would say “I like you”. Imagine that.

My friend keeps reminding me to read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Perhaps reading the book would get me started towards my journey to find out what true love is.

My love roots are very weak. Feeling deserving of love, feeling God’s love, and opening myself up to true love may be the first step towards this goal of visualizing a better future with my spouse. If I don’t know what true love means, how can I expect to find it in my life?

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