Finding Who?

Finding whole means whatever you want it to mean.

Here’s the way I look at it.

I believe that the beauty within and without can transform our days and our lives. I record here my journey to self, to wholeness, to harmony and beauty.

Every day I reclaim my decision to choose LIFE:




Choosing LIFE means taking the high road and realizing that while it’s not about just this moment,  it is all about just this moment.

Every single moment is an opportunity to choose again. If I take what was given to me and use it wisely, I can transform my days to a life in forever-land – living on a higher plane with a broad and wide open perspective.

When I can hold my own under extreme stress and also step back and see a larger picture unfolding and my own recovery blossoming – I am able to Find Whole.

Wholeness within. Wholeness without.

Wholeness in all of creation.



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